DIET: One Size Does Not Fit All

Diet - One Size Does Not Fit All

Do you ever get confused by all of the different information out there on how to lose weight, get fit and stay healthy?

I don’t blame you.  There is a lot of information out there.  However, in my twenty years studying and experimenting with various diet and nutrition strategies I have come to the conclusion that there is NO ONE SIZE FITS ALL.

While there are certain principles that remain constant such as for EXAMPLE the need for a calorie deficit to lose weight.  How one get’s there can be quite nuanced.

An EFFECTIVE DIET for weight loss is one that allows you to stay in a CALORIE DEFICIT long enough to achieve weight loss and then smoothly transition into normal eating without binging and regaining all of the weight you lost.

Anyone who has tried to lose weight knows that simply cutting back on calories and exercising more IS NOT SUSTAINABLE LONG TERM.

The THREE MAIN REASONS people fail when trying the EAT LESS EXERCISE MORE APPROACH is because of ONE or ALL THREE of the following factors.




For example.  Let’s say that you are going to try to lose weight and “GET HEALTHY”.

Maybe you start off with a small bowl of whole grain cereal with skim milk or some fruit and yogurt for breakfast or maybe you decide to skip breakfast (that will certainly cut some calories, right?)

You are a little hungrier than usual by mid-morning but it is not too bad and you think “EAT LESS – EXERCISE MORE” and have a cup of coffee or an energy drink.

Lunch rolls around and you think Salad is healthy so you have some salad and maybe you even skip the dressing or opt for a low or non-fat version and maybe a diet soda or a piece of fruit.

This barely satisfies you but you are determined to stick this out.

As you are heading home from work maybe you pass by your favorite barbecue or fast-food restaurant.

The smell wafting from the place makes you even hungrier than you already are.

THAT’S IT!!! you say and you pull-over and order up your favorite meal.

This is oversimplified I know. 

Maybe you stick it out for a few days a week or even a month but eventually the cravings and hunger not to mention lethargy get the best of you and you cave and undo all of your hard work in one long “CONTINUOUS MEAL”.


I teach all of my clients to ADOPT a DETECTIVE vs. A DIETER’S mindset.  WHAT I MEAN is, that instead of labeling food GOOD or BAD learn to understand the role that each MACRONUTRIENT i.e. Carbohydrate, Protein and Fat play in your overall nutrition scheme.

DEPENDING on your fitness goals you can then MANIPULATE the specific ratios and quantities of each food to achieve the OPTIMAL state for your desired outcome.

I OFTEN SAY that the CHIEF benefit of a DIET is getting in tune with your body as opposed to eating WHATEVER and WHENEVER you want.


This is a SIMPLE TEST comprised of a series of questions related to your preferences when it comes to food and how your body responds to eating different foods.

At the end of the test you tally up your score and based on this score you will be labeled as ONE of THREE METABOLIC TYPES.

         CARB TYPE (70% Carbohydrate, 20% Protein, 10% Fats and Oils)

         PROTEIN TYPE (45% Protein, 35% Carbohydrate, 20% Oils and Fats)

         MIXED TYPE (40% Protein, 50% Carbohydrate, 10% Fats and Oils)

These are just guidelines.  If you are a PROTEIN TYPE for example you may do well on Lower Carbohydrate Diets such as the KETO or PALEO diet.  If you are a CARB TYPE you may do well on a VEGETARIAN or even VEGAN diet.

The BEST PART of this whole process is a LIST of SIGNS and SYMPTOMS related to the OVERCONSUMPTION of Carbohydrate or Fat and Protein both LONG TERM and SHORT TERM.

FOR EXAMPLE.  Eating too many carbohydrates may have the short-term effects of INCREASED ANXIETY and feeling “TIRED but WIRED”.

CONVERSELY, too much FAT AND PROTEIN may leave you feeling LETHARGIC and FULL but not SATISFIED.

The “POWER ZONE” is the place where you

         Feel HAPPY

         Ideal blood pressure and lipid profiles

         Capacity to handle stress

         Ability to last between meals with good energy and mood

         Good mental Focus and Clarity of Thought

         No Cravings

         Optimal Response to Exercise

This is why I say changing your thought process from one of a DIETERS to that of a DETECTIVE.

In the beginning you can structure your DIET according to your METABOLIC TYPE as determined by the questionnaire. 

You can then use the list of SIGNS and SYMPTOMS to fine tune your diet for your specific needs.

YOU MAY find that overtime your METABOLIC TYPE switches as you become healthier and in response to changes in lifestyle, stress etc.

Use the DIET to start as a baseline to start from BUT get in tune with your body and the signals that it gives you to find the WAY OF EATING that gives you OPTIMAL HEALTH.

When you listen to your body and BALANCE your through proper NUTRITION for your unique GENETIC MAKEUP you will naturally eat what is needed to achieve your ideal weight.

IGNORE these signs and cues and you will be FIGHTING an impossible battle.