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About Us

Aaron Owner and Head Trainer

Aaron Kubetz

Owner / Head Trainer

  • ACE Certified Personal Trainer Since 2010
  • ACE Nutrition Specialist
  • BioMechanics Method Corrective Exercise Specialist
    Biomechanics Method Corrective Exercise Specialist
  • Current CPR Certification
  • Training in Anatomy, Physiology & Kinesiology

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Training Philosophy



MINDSET is the cornerstone of our training philosophy.   

The state of your mind determines the action(s) you take, how you respond to events in life, and ultimately the results you get.

Hello Everybody.  My name is Aaron Kubetz.  I have been a fitness enthusiast since I was 11 years old.  I have participated in a wide variety of sports from distance running and taekwondo, to skateboarding and recreational bodybuilding.

Coming out of high school, I embarked on a very dark 10-year period of my life, struggling with digestive problems which severely limited my ability to enjoy an active lifestyle or even function normally.  I even lost my first two jobs out of college as a result. 

Needless to say, this was not a fun time for me.  At one point I even contemplated suicide.  However, I was blessed to grow up with parents who loved and supported me, taught me the value of hard work and fortified my young mind with an abundance of sound teaching from the Bible, as well as the writings of influential people from past generations who had triumphed in the face of unbelievable odds.   People such as Hugh Glass, Helen Keller, David Crockett, Daniel Boon, Cori Ten Boom, Naya Nuki, Kyriakides, Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bruce Lee etc.

I learned from them values such as integrity, perseverance, patience, focus, discipline and determination. 

My early instruction was invaluable to me when I ran into my own set of difficulties as I entered adult life.  The insights I had learned as a child helped me to stay the course no matter how bleak things looked, or how improbable success seemed at the time.  I saw that others had done it and the MINDSET that had eventually brought them success: 


During this time, I was blessed to have people come into my life who inspired, encouraged and motivated me through their own daily use of the values and principles I was trying to implement myself.  They helped to shift my mind out of a depressive state to a more hopeful one.

There were also people who I encountered that were not supportive of me and were sometimes even down right obstructive. HOWEVER, even negative experiences can be instrumental in personal growth and ultimate success if you have fortified your mind with proper perspective and respond appropriately. 

Negative events in life can cause us to FOCUS more and INCREASE our discipline to OVERCOME weaknesses in our CHARACTER.

Everything that happens to us in life has the potential to make us better in some way.  It is up to us to decide if we will rise to the challenge or allow negative circumstances to cripple us.

You do not always have the ability to choose what happens to you.  However, you do have the ability to choose how you react.  You can let it demoralize you, or you can learn from it and become wiser going forward.

For this reason, I have chosen to make “MINDSET” the CORNERSTONE of my training philosophy. 

As Arnold Schwarzenegger once said

“The mind creates the body…It is the mind that creates the vision of how the body ought to look as the finished product and then the WILL to TAKE ACTION to make that vision a REALITY”.  

This is true in bodybuilding and in every other area of life.


Philosophy - Structural Integrity


In an automobile or other piece of machinery, there is a frame that supports the engine, pistons, axels, etc. that help operate the machine.  If the parts of the machine are not aligned properly, it causes stress and decreased efficiency throughout the rest of the machine.  For example, if your wheels are out of alignment, your brakes will wear out more quickly.  In the same way, our bodies have a framework of bones which help house and protect our internal organs and provide support to our muscles, fascia, ligaments and tendons.

The muscles covering our bones not only provide propulsion, but also help to absorb shock to our joints when we walk, run, lift, jump or perform any other movement. 

Every part of the body performs in harmony to take us about our day to day lives.  However, due to sedentary lifestyles, repetitive movements at work or improper exercise technique, we can develop imbalances between different muscle groups in our bodies.  Like alignment in a car, this will lead to excessive wear and tear, suboptimal performance and, ultimately, injury. 

For this reason the next piece to address after MINDSET is STRUCTURAL INTEGRITY.

STRUCTURAL INTEGRITY is the assessment and correction of muscular imbalances and resultant alignment deviations to ensure your FOUNDATION is strong and able to withstand the physical stresses imposed on the body by life and athletics SO THAT you can CONTINUE to enjoy the benefits of an active lifestyle as long as possible.



MOBILITY is a reference to the freedom of movement allowed by the various soft tissue structures (muscles, tendons and fascia) that act on the joints of our bodies and is closely related to STRUCTURAL INTEGRITY.

In TRADITIONAL anatomy, muscles are assigned various actions which are generally the concentric action of that muscle, i.e. the action of the muscle as it is shortening. However, in real life, the ECCENTRIC action of a muscle (when the muscle lengthens under load to decelerate the force of gravity) is important as well, to help absorb shock from ground reaction forces and other forms of impact.

For example, when running, the quadriceps muscles contract ECCENTRICALLY at foot strike to absorb the shock of our foot hitting the ground.   This builds “potential energy” in the muscle to assist in pushing the body forward during the middle phase of the step. The quadriceps muscles also contract eccentrically to decelerate our decent when we are walking or running down a hill or steep embankment.

There are many reasons why being flexible, i.e. MOBILE, is important, and  one of the most important ones is SHOCK ABSORPTION. 

For instance, if you have a rubber band or exercise band and it becomes dry rotted it will become more brittle and less able to withstand the stress imposed upon it. 

MOBILITY training helps prevent our connective tissues, muscles, tendons and ligaments from becoming “dry and brittle”.  When our muscles, tendons and ligaments are flexible, they allow greater stretch and, thus, a longer period of time to absorb the “shock” of stresses imposed upon them.  This NOT ONLY reduces the risk for injury, but also increases the muscles’ capacity to produce force.  When a muscle is stretched, it builds potential energy similar to how a bow does.  When a bow is drawn back, potential energy builds in it.  The further a bow is drawn back, the farther the arrow will fly when it is finally released.

functional movement - rotational lunge with sandbag


Unless you are a strength athlete or physique competitor with the sole goal to lift as much weight as possible or to look a certain way on stage, “RAW STRENGTH” (the absolute maximum weight that you can lift) is of little value if it can’t be translated effectively into everyday life.

A well thought out weightlifting routine will build strength in your major muscle groups.  However, if you only train in one plane of movement, the muscles that assist and stabilize your major muscles will be disproportionately weak, setting you up for injury when performing in real life.

Therefore, it is important to incorporate exercises that involve lateral movements as well as stooping, twisting, rotating etc. in stable and unstable environments with submaximal loads. 

This will help you transfer the strength you have gained from your traditional lifting routine into real life. 

It is great to become strong, but don’t lose your functionality in the process. 


Foundational Strength


I believe that, whether your goal is to compete in powerlifting, bodybuilding or football, to tone up, to look better, to perform activities of daily living better or a combination of these, building a foundation of strength through a well-balanced strength training routine that targets all the major muscle groups should be the starting point upon which all other fitness goals are based.

FOUNDATIONAL STRENGTH, goes hand in hand with STRUCTURAL INTEGRITY and MOBILITY.  In fact, STRUCTURAL INTEGRITY is determined in large part by achieving balanced strength between opposing muscle groups.

MOBILITY allows for increased force production from muscles and increases blood flow which contains nutrients and oxygen for more rapid recovery from workouts. 

To what degree you build your strength will depend upon your fitness goals, lifestyle and genetics, but should be a key component of any effective fitness regimen.

Athleticism-Box Jump


Some people have interests beyond basic health and wellness. These people are PERFORMANCE MINDED.

While BALANCE should still be a priority, these individuals will also need to follow routines specific to the requirements of their chosen sport or fitness pursuit.

The idea here is to maximize athletic potential while minimizing risk of injury by maintaining as much balance as possible. For example, serious runners often develop overly tight hamstrings and, therefore, should incorporate bicycling and other exercises to work the front of the thigh into their routines as well as exercises for their spinal extensors to prevent back problems.